I have been practicing law since 2000, when I completed my legal internship and became a member of the Plovdiv Bar Association.  Since then, I have had various types of cases including:

  • tort law, helping injured individuals to receive compensation
  • family law, including divorces, domestic violence, parental rights and alimony
  • property law, such as inheritance or co-ownership disputes and issues related to property rights, including removal of unlicensed construction, regaining the right of ownership and others
  • contract law, which is the enforcement of contracts and compensation for breach of contract
  • labour law, including unlawful termination of employment, unpaid salaries and other dues by employers, pursuing lawsuits against the State for damages
  • adoption law, such as local and international adoptions, working with a licensed organization

      I have participated in the legal enforcement of obligations, such as collection of payments owed, transfer of properties, removal of existing structures on the property and others. Having the help of a lawyer in such situations is important as determining the right approach to enforce a Court decision requires a thorough research of the other party and certain initiative and resilience to locate their assets. I am available to draft various types of contracts and other legal documents.

      I have assisted clients with their notary transactions: obtaining a property title, the notary certification of real estate deals and motor vehicle ownership transfer transactions, the preparation of contracts for division of property, notary-certified power-of-attorney documents, handling notary summons and their responses.

      I have registered companies and not-for-profit organizations and handled modifications of their registration.

      I have been entrusted with the defense of individuals in administrative proceedings and have represented them at the administrative authorities issuing the judgments as well as at Court. I have contested specific administrative acts and filed challenges against administrative judgments. I have helped with cases pending at the Tax Administration.

      I have handled the defense of individuals at both the pre-trial and trial phases of criminal proceedings.

      I have helped with disputes regarding the rights of consumers of products and services, including ones involving the Consumer Rights Protection Commission.

      I have helped individuals of Bulgarian origin born abroad to obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

      In my practice, I have frequently attempted to reach out-of-court settlements and have experience in the approach to the other party as well as the conduct of negotiations.

      I have represented clients living outside of Bulgaria or unable to appear in person via a power-of-attorney to obtain administrative services on their behalf, including the receipt of documents and obtaining the necessary paperwork for certain administrative requests.

      I am available for the preparation of written consultations and case analyses which require research of the current state of the laws and regulations in a specific area, as well as the recent Court practice and precedent for similar cases.

      I have always been guided by the principle that the open and direct discussion of any problem is of the utmost relevance, rather than making promises in situations where the outcome cannot be guaranteed. I have made sure that my clients had always received as much and as accurate information as possible. The reputation I have gained as a responsible and approachable attorney is of the greatest importance to me. I treat any client’s case as the next challenge in my professional career and helping my clients succeed gives me the greatest personal satisfaction!